Show Me A Table Topic


Implemented using:

JavaScript, Express, MongoDB, Node.js, REST API, AWS, Docker, Angular, Bootstrap

What is it?

Show Me A Table Topic is a fully-responsive web application built for my Toastmasters club (Toastmasters is a public speaking organization). In Toastmasters meetings, a Table Topics Master gives attendees topics for them to talk for 1-2 minutes.

Show Me A Table Topic is a place where its Table Topics Masters can find inspirations on topics as well as contribute.

Why did I make it?

Table Topics was one of my favorite Toastmasters meeting sections. I was Table Topics Master quite a few times. I wanted to use good topics to inspire speakers. But, it’s hard to think of good ones. Sometimes, I ended up spending a lot of time finding one that works well for our meeting theme. I thought that would be great if there’s a website that I can practice table topic and find table topic ideas. So, now I built this website to gather good Table Topics and ideas from people. I hope these topics will give others some inspirations for practicing public speech skill and hosting the next Table Topics.


I developed this website using Javascript on Node.js platform, and deployed on AWS with Docker.

  • Frontend: Angular, Bootstrap
  • Server: Express
  • NoSQL Database: MongoDB

Below is how I implemented it.


How does it work?

Imagine you are Jamie, and you just joined Toastmasters not long ago. You volunteered to host the Table Topics section in your next meeting. You’re nervous because this is your first time. You wanted to find some good topics that inspire attendees to give great short speeches.

You came across Show Me A Table Topic website and landed on the Homepage. You see Top 10 Most Popular Topics. These topics received most “likes” from visitors.

You clicked on “All Topics” and wanted to check out all topics that are available. 20 topics were displayed by default. You nodded as you browse those topics and “liked” a few. As you scroll down, it loads another 20 topics. You see a notice at the bottom of the page if there are no more topics. 

You can filter by category by clicking on the badge below the topic.

You clicked on “Add Topic”, and realized this was where people can contribute.

You clicked into Tips for You and realized this was what you exactly needed — get inspirations on how to develop good topics.

Now you’re ready to make your Table Topics section exciting and fun. Go for it!